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From: Mart [ITEC] on 02/20/2002
We have a Windows NT SP6 Office 2k Sp2 (Pentium 3 866Mhz 256Mb on an Intel board)user who regularly gets an "WinWord.exe Exception: access violation (0xc0000005, Address 0x6500d799" error whenever she closes down Word 2k. The user has Word configured as their email editor and Word is updated to the latest spec (via windowsupdate ;-) )and their user and workgroup templates are routed to network shares.

Any ideas or advice would be gratefully received.

Kind regards


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From: Andre on 04/02/2003
Does the PC has Adobe acrobat full version install? If yes remove Acrobat and reinstall. Also get the latest patch for acrobat


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