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 Frontpage needs to close every time I try to enter Post a Reply  
From: Patricia on 01/06/2007
I had a StoreFront 5.0/FrontPage 2000 web site set up on an older computer that I had upgraded to Windows XP Pro (later upgraded with the Service Pack 2 download). Everything worked. When I upgraded to a new computer with Windows XP Pro SP 2, I installed the FP 2000 Server Extensions and .NET Framework 1.1 that were included on the Win XP Pro SP2 CD. I thought everything was working because I can connect to the database, edit the products, etc. However, when I tried to add some new products to the page, FrontPage gives me a "Frontpage encountered an error and needs to close" message each and every time. I tried to uninstall everything and create a brand new web, but using the web creation wizard causes the same "needs to close" problem. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling IIS, FP Server Extensions 2000 and 2002, and keep getting the same problem. Please help!

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