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From: Patrick on 08/28/2005
When I turn my computer on my virus protector tells me that my computer has a virus and cannot be cleaned, then it reccomends that i restart my computer and put in a rescue disk. But the problem is that i do not have a rescue disk and the trojan on the computer wont let me do anything because it crashes and restarts after it is on for about 2 minutes.Please help me i am so confused of what to do

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From: Tim on 11/06/2005
There are a lot of rescue CDs available out there, just do a google search. If you are good enough then any CD that will let you read / write files on your hard drive will work for you.

Hope you know where to find the virus.

Windows unfortunately has a lot of ways to allow a program to start, so check in the typical places like the start directlry off of your desktop, and possibly look at the registry for anything that starts up.

Another choice is to try booting into DOS with some older disk you may have laying around.

I think a few of the antivirus companies have bootable floppies that scan and remove viruses, or maybe a CD that boots. The open source virus checkers are getting really good.


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