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 General Protection Fault in Winfax 10.0 when click Post a Reply  
From: Shawn on 09/14/2004
I use ACT 6 client database software. When I click on the quickfax icon in ACT it brings up the Winfax send dialog. My coverpage is automatic, but when I click on "attach winfax documents" icon, about once every 15 faxes I get this error message:

General Protection Fault program will shut down.

When I click OK I get:

Dllmain():unregistered class () failed.

When I click ok again I get:

The instruction at "0x6c3b5115" referenced memory at "0x00000004" The memory could not be read.

Then winfax shuts down.

No big deal, except that when I go back into ACT and try to fax again I get a message telling me that the winfax send dialog is in use. So far the only way I can get everything working again is to reboot my computer. I've tried shutting winfax down and starting it back up, ACT 6 too. But I keep getting the winfax send dialog is in use message until I reboot.

Any suggestions out there on how to solve this problem, or even suggestions on how I can free up the send dialog after I get this error message, would be appreciated


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From: kevin on 12/22/2004
I seem to be getting virtually the same problem. Intermittently occurs when I launch my scanner software. Just started happening about a week ago. Have tried system restore, and seems to work initially, but later same thing happens. Have you sorted out the problem?

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From: Shawn on 09/18/2004
Oops, BTW:

Winfax 10.02 (10.0.2000.929)
Windows 2000 Pro (5.0.2195)
Service pack 4


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