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From: Marlon on 08/20/2004

I am using a Dimension 4300 Dell Machine, 256MB RAM, 20GB Hard Drive and I think it is a PIII. I had already Install windows XP and it ran ok, but when I connected it to the network, the machine started to run slow a couple minutes after. I installed Norton 2003 and I got a message that said "someone or a Virus is trying to disable my antivirus". SO I reformatted and tried to install WIn XP again but it was still running slow and still is right now. I even changed the IDE Cables and Checked the CPU Fan. Checked everything possible.... Except Boot Sector Viruses.

Can Anybody Help me please????


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From: Rich on 08/20/2004
It sounds like your network (or whatever network you are trying to connect to) has its own antivirus program that is conflicting with the Norton on your machine. Rival antivirus programs often detect other antivirus programs as viruses. It's not a scheme to foil the competition, it's because when scanning for viruses, antivirus programs may appear to be generating virus-like activity. I'd check this possibility out first. If this is not the solution, then I would dump Norton in favor of AVG. There have been reports of various anti virus programs (not just Norton, but certainly Norton is an offender) having compatibility problems depending on the exact OS - applications combinations on the host machine/network. AVG has the additional bonus of being free.

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