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 IE 6 lagging seriously, need help! Post a Reply  
From: Zames on 02/28/2004
I have winxp pro and sp1. My IE is lagging badly. For example if i try to press a blank text field to write and a link like 5 seconds after that, it wont work -- everything happens with a lag! (5-30 seconds). IE startup is very slow too. I have a rather fast computer: axp 2600+,512ddr,7200ata100 so the IE should be like a feather for it.. I have tried to scan with newest ad-aware and Norton Antivirus 2003pro (most recent virus definitions), cleared temporary files and cookies with no joy. I have desperately registered some .dll files (though i dunno what that means, just read from some forum discussing about the ie problems..).

NEED HELP! You can email me at


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From: Jack on 03/09/2004
It sounds like you have spybots running in the background chewing up CPU cycles and system resources. For the past couple of weeks I've been chasing these and removing them from client after client machine.

Try going to and download SpyBot Search & Destroy. Install it and run "search for updates." Download and install all available updates. Run "Check for Problems" (it can take a while). Select all the items it finds and click "Fix Selected Problems" . When you have finished, click "Immunize". Do a cold reboot. That should help significantly. Good luck.


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