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From: Manarello on 10/23/2003
Ií am running Windows XP pro with connection AOL 8.0 broadband. I can browse the web without any problem but as soon as I want to access a link with a multimedia contents (video, radio), my browser crashes (AOL or IE). No fault comes up when AOL crash. When IE crashes, the following fault appears:

Code: 0 x c0000005
Adress: 0 x 000000007472a966
The following files will be included in the error report

I notice also several faults, which could be link to that problem:
-  If IE is open, I canít open Word. Word crashes systematically
-  The speech tools doesnít work with Word

It seems that a function has been changed which disable any access to media contents. Iíve already reset the different default parameters into Internet Options. Iíve also tried all the basics possibilities like reinstalled AOL, desinstalled the adaptor and the cache, Ö.
Iíve already been through all the different email relating to Windows XP and IE on the site but havenít found any fix.

I would very much appreciate if anyone could help me out with that problem.

Thank you



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From: Sean on 03/22/2004
similar issue here only WORD will only open cewrtain .doc files if connected to a network.... maybe even internet not sure yet still testing that one... same pain in the arse appcompat.txt issue though

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