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 win98 prot error on hardware detect-big puzzle! Post a Reply  
From: Lofty on 09/30/2003
Hi. I`m trying to `help` out a work mate with his problem and i`ve spent nearly a week going thru every possibllty I can think of and i`m just plain out of ideas.

the machine specs:

256meg sdram (2x128mb sticks in slots 1+2)
motherboard-MSI 6309
Via chipset (VT82c691)
Amibios V1.8 (I just updated it)

60 gig (brand new) Maxtor HD (primary master)
Unbranded dvd player (sec master)
NEC DVD Writer (sec slave)
2 x usb 1 front ports
1 firewire front port
2 usb 1 at rear
PSU-235watts (I know, its a bit low!)

win98 se

Other hardware in the machine:
(tho all removed apart from gfx card and prob persists even after fdisk/format/install)

ethernet card
56k modem
win tv card
soundblaster audio live 5.1 with front facia thing loads of plugs etc.
geforce 2 mx 32meg gfx card (agp)


my friend complained of regulat windows protection failures and crashes on this machine. He put up with it, till he bought a proview lcd 19`` monitor, and the whole thing just went belly up, so he brought to me at work and I did get it all up and running, tho the crashes seemed worse, hangs freezes etc.

We decided the best course was a fresh install and make sure each device was set up properly with correct drivers etc.


Fdisk/formated installed win98se.
all fine on first boot until detecting hardware, it freezes up
on the detect hardware screen and either show windows protection error or reboots or just locks up and needs power supply pulled.

after the usual remidies I decided to remove all the pci cards and try to pin the fault, no change.
Used a standard crt monitor, nope.
tried evreything , even re-installing over top win98se, upgrading to me,
updating bios, changing/tsting ram sticks, they are fine.
spent 3 nights reading similar problems on net and trying scores of things and I have got nowhere! Help, because my mate probably now thinks I got it into this mess (maybe I did?)



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