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From: Johan on 07/01/2002
My machine seems to freeze after working fine for a while. The time varies from minutes to hours before it crashes, regardless of the software I'm using - mostly Explorer 6.0 connected to broadband internet provider using an Alcatel USB modem.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional with all the latest updates from the Microsoft download site.

My system configuration is as follows:
AMD 2000+ processor
Abit AT7 legacy free motherboard (Latest BIOS downloaded)
Zalman Flower heatsink
ATI Rodeon 8500LE video card with Dell 17" flat panel monitor
Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard

I have tried everything -
1. Formatted the hard drive and reinstalling Windows.
2. refreshnig the BIOS
3. Reinstalling all the latest drivers downloaded from the respective vendor web sites

Can anybody help?!



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From: Computerpilot on 07/01/2002
Windows 2000 does not freeze. It is extremely rare when it does. I have seen it once in my lifetime with the software. Microsoft has really worked hard to be sure that the computer gives you at least some sort of indication of why it is upset.

The one case I saw was related to an onboard sound card. The individual had lost all of the drivers for their computer and I had to get information from the motherboard to see if I could get the driver...when I did, the computer stoped freezing.

I know what you are thinking, does not apply to me, I already checked all my drivers. Well, what I am trying to say is that if you are not getting an error message and the computer just 'freezes', then it is a harware problem. Something in the computer stops responding and Windows cannot detect what it is. This is usually the case with a processor, hard drive, or RAM. However, it could be any hardware that is installed.

I have seen a lot of problems with the software/hardware additions for high speed internet. You mentioned that you have the USB 'modem'. Again, most circulate around this issue. Did you have similar problems with the computer before high speed internet? I bet not.

Why don't you try disconnecting it from the computer and doing a little work with it. I know, it is tough without Internet! However, if this is your problems, then you can contact the people you pay $40 a month to find a solution.

I would try an ethernet connection rather than USB. Most Broadband companies use this type of connection because 99% of PC's requesting the service have USB ports. Also, did you have to expand to a USB hub? I hope that you did not install the USB cable from the modem into the hub. I would directly install it into the computer as it gets the most consistant power from this location.

Hope this helps. I would use the standard hardware troubleshooting if you cannot pinpoint the problem (remove a device or switch it with another and test for the problem).

Good luck. Feel free to post back if you want more help after troubleshooting.


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