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 XP Home Boots but Desktop keeps re-setting Post a Reply  
From: Robert on 08/31/2003
I've got a bit of a problem with my desktop machine runnign Windows XP Home. Everything was working fine up to this morning.

I was trying to print something in Photoshop, when the whole system crashed, back to the boot screen. When the boot cycle had finished, the printer restarted trying to print what had been sent to the spooler.

However the system won't finishing booting. The normal desktop appears with all my icon etcs, but then the sceen clears to the background picture, then repeats endlessly doing that.

I waited until the printer had stopped, tried rebooting etc etc, I've even tried to reinstall windows. They system is hidden behind a Netgear router firewall and I run Norton Anti Virus with very regular updates.

Any one got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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