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 AOL Slowing down my computer?? Post a Reply  
From: nick on 06/20/2003
I have a Gateway computer running AOL 8.0. I have a 2.0 Ghz processor and 256 mb ram. For some reason when I start my computer and try to open things it takes forever and a day. When I got the computer 6 months ago it was blazingly quick. Is AOL messing something up?? Is there anything I can do about this?? ANy help would be appreciated. Email I also have a p2p client for sharing files.(kazaa)

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From: Kirk on 07/04/2003
run a program called MSCONFIG this program is not on any menus click on the Start button select Run and typing MSCONFIG its a configuration program that can remove start up programs, be CAREFUL with it you can remove things that you need with it
you can click things off and on so they are not removed but still screw things up if you dont know what you are doing
works on all versions of windows
things that start up and stay in there cause all sorts of problems so turn them off


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