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 Exception OE every time CD-drive is used (started Post a Reply  
From: Jill on 06/13/2003
I have an IBM ThinkPad, running on Windows 98 Second Edition. I recently tried installing Easy CD 6 and the computer froze mid-installation. I re-started & got rid of the half-installed components, but...

Now I am unable to use the CD drive at all (it's also a DVD player). It doesn't matter of it's a data CDR, a program, an audio CD, I get the following message:

"An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C14614BD in VxD voltrack (01)+ 0000018D. This was called from 0028:C1841CB8 in VxD scsi1hlp(03) + 00000508.
It may be possible to continue normally. Press any key to continue, you will lose any unsaved information...etc.."

Sometimes I am able to continue for a few minutes before it freezes up, almost always I have no choice but to turn the computer off.

I have done a search through the forum and have found many similar "exception OE" problems, but they appear during startup, when using the internet, etc, not when using the CDR drive after a failed program installation.

I've been trying to find a solution to this for a week now and it's frustrating me to no end (and it makes me feel so computer-illiterate). I'd be forever grateful if one of you computer geniuses can give me a hand...

Thanks so much, guys!



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From: Rick on 01/29/2005;en-us;197004

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From: on 04/01/2004
damian had the right answer.

if all else fails you can rename the whole "IOSUBSYS" DIR and reload windows over the top of it self.

still no luck - or confused

then meet my friend



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From: Damian on 01/14/2004
Don't know if you've fixed ur problems.

Go to c:\windows\system\iosubsys

Rename the scsi1hlp.vxd file to scs1hlp.old or something.

Problem fixed.




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From: Rob on 08/29/2003
Well, I've had the same problem, i don't know how long its been going on for though. I also have windows 98 second edition. and when i put a cd in (not all cd's just the ones that i want to use) it comes to the blue screen of death saying that i have a fatel exception voltrack thing. I don't know the exact code, because not many people know how to decipher codes.

its really annoying because cd's that used to work no longer do.

you said that it started after you installed a program?

well my only suggestions and i don't even know if they will work is if you reinstall windows, or format c: and then install windows.

i feel your pain, i've been looking for an answer as well and its really shitting me


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