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From: Richard on 03/13/2003
A week or two ago, my dad's computer started to put a bunch of shadow horizontal lines across the screen. Our computer is a Gateway 650MHz that was purchased three or four years ago and it runs Windows 98SE The appear to be an extention of the borders around Icons and other buttons on the desktop. Also, they are in any application that we open. We normally use the lowest resolution setting and when I increased the resolution, the lines only extended for the middle two-thirds of the desktop, but they were still fully in the applications. My dad just tried using my brand new monitor on it and it is still doing the same thing. Could somebody please help me fix the problem?

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From: James on 04/17/2003
Just a guess, since I'd need more background to asses the problem more accurately. Perhaps your graphics card is causing the undesired lines, try switching graphics cards to see if the problem still persists. Good luck, hope this helped.

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