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From: darlene on 01/31/2003
I istalled a CD burner and connect it to the existing CD drive. When I tried to re-boot I got a message saying that Primary Hard dist drive 1 not found-F1 to re-boot, F2 to setup utility. I'm not computer literate and this is my first time doing something like this. Can you explain to me in laymen's terms what to do to fix this problem.

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From: mary anne on 11/16/2003
How do you know which location to install the jumper? Does it matter if the jumper is on the primary or secondary drive?

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From: bill on 02/05/2003
if this drive is plugged into the same cable as your other cd unit.
and supposing this other cd unit is the only device on that cable..

you need to set you master and slave jumpers on the back of the drives.

best thing to do would be to set the cd writer as master
and the cdrom unit as slave.. but either way should work out well

with OLD cdrom units.. you may need to set the cdrw drive to slave or cable select..

you should have gotten full instructions with this cd writer..

but since your getting "primary hard disk drive 1" not found.
I'm thinking that you are plugging into the same cable as the hard drive..

in this case you may have a western digital drive.. in which the jumper on the back of the drive is set to a null position..
therefore you must set it into the master pin setting..

hopefully this will be easier to understand than the following post..??? not an insult...


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From: Angav on 02/03/2003
I'll try to describe what I think is happening as simple as possible.
U must have a maximum of 2 IDE channels, just a bunch of pins with the letters IDE1 an IDE2 or primary and secondary or something like that somewhere. Each one of them can host 2 devices (HARD DRIVE, CD ROM, CD WRITER, ZIP UNIT, TAPE UNIT, ETC...) so you can install up to 4 IDE devices. But you must follow some rules. Each IDE Channel must have a master and a slave, so if you install 4 IDE devices you must have 2 masters and 2 slaves. Each master owning one slave in the same cable. NEVER two masters shall be installed in the same data cable. So how to tell the silly IDE device "you are master/slave" most of IDE devices have a PIN arrangement to do this and nowadays is as simple as moving a jumper chech the master/slave settings in your device manual. You may find them with the letters SL MA and CS (never mess up with the CS pin pair), I think U must have you CD Writer jumper set(this means closing) to MA, just remove the jumper and place it at SL or don't place it at allaccording to the manual. Anyway you will have to enter the BIOS settings by presing DEL key while booting up or maybe the F2 key, if possible enter the IDE autodetect Utility. Then save, exit and reboot, finally load the CD writer drives. Geee, I hope this will sound simple to U. Good Luck.

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