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From: Mick on 11/13/2002
I have got windows 2000 with outlook 2000 internet mail
only version of microsoft outlook.

I have a file of contacts and a subfile of contacts within
the main one, while trying to put it into alphabetical
order, i somehow accidently created a new copy of the
folder, so i deleted it but it deleted the original as
well, it was not possible to edit, undo, and it is not in
the recycle bin. I looked at how to retrieve a folder,
but it didn't seem to work as the folder can't be found.
Is there anyway you can help me as I will have lost some
important contacts and information. i am so mad at
myself, as i usually back up but haven't done it for a
while, hope someone can help



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From: Computerpilot on 11/14/2002

Microsoft Exchange allows the option to recover items deleted from the 'recycle bin' or Deleted Items. However, this is not an option for you.

If you delete a folder or a contact, the item will be relocared in Deleted Items. The only way that it could be removed from that location is if you have Outlook set up to remove everything from the deleted items folder upon exit (still asks to be sure you want to clean out the deleted items folder) or you manually remove it from the deleted items folder.

Keep in mind, a folder that is deleted ALSO goes to the Deleted Items. It simply shows an expandable (+) icon next to Deleted Items indicating that it holds a subfolder (your deleted folder).

Unfortunately, your setup will allow outlook to purge the file from the PST file structure as soon as it is removed from Deleted Item. And considering the PST file is usually stored in the same location on the hard drive as the 'purged' version, there is little likelyhood of success to retrieve the older PST file.

There is another possilbity. If you have your settings to archive, you may be able to retrieve some of your contacts via this method. By default install, this IS enabled. You can doulbe check by choosing Tools, Options, Other Tab, then AutoArchive. You will also see the folder that Outlook is using for the AutoArchive files.

Just advice...

I would disable the deletion of any Deleted Items upon exiting Outlook, if you have it enabled. And of course, remember to export to a PST file every once in awhile and burn it to a CD!



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