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 Fatal exception OE at 0028:C71D8513 Post a Reply  
From: Jaren on 11/13/2002
Turned on the IBM ehinkpad laptop w/ Win 98 , and this message comes up.
What does it mean?
A couple of times when I tried to reboot, it seemed to get going okay, then the screen picture went all lines, then shut off and rebooted by itself- again to the blue screen or the same fatal error message.
I read some other messages about fatal messages, but can't figure it out. What does SFC mean, and if I boot w/ a system 98 disk, how do I get to the screen to type antything in?

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From: Randal on 11/13/2002
SFC is the system file checker
Plug and play sometimes screws up, or your BIOS battery is bad. Get into BIOS and check the settings. Your IRQ settings may have gotten all messed up.
As always, re-install windows and try again.

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From: Computerpilot on 11/13/2002

The startup disk should have been created in Windows using a regular 3.5 floppy.

You should try to get into windows using safe mode (F8 during boot) or Step-by-Step confirmation to see what device is loaded just before the blue screen appears.

See my post here:

This might get you back up and running. My guess is that you have not disclosed all your previous blue screens that you had before when you were able to get into the operating system. This may help diagnose the problem as well.

You error memory address is unrecognizable by myself. I have seen similar error messages associated with printer drivers but I do not think that this is the issue you are having.



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