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From: Bill on 12/26/2001
We have a Sony CD burner on a Windows 98SE system. No matter what software we use, our computer locks up at the end of every cd burning session - music or data. When the cd should be ejected, the system locks up and we have to reboot. The disc is always good, so the recording session finishes fine.

Any advice you might have on how to fix this incredibly annoying problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Bill & Roxie Mills


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From: Marco on 09/12/2002
You could try to update the burning software... check out the website.

Some CD writers have a reprogrammable driver chip. I have a Philips CDD 3600 and that can be updated by a flash tool.

Maybe it could help to search the internet with strings like: "+Sony +CD +driver +update". It would of course help if you know the exact type of CD burner you have.

I have that same problem. Still don't know what to do about it. Going to try and flash it today.



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