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Stuff in our Archives

You are free to use the following CGI scripts on your own site. We only ask that you NOT "publish" them for download on another site. Please point to this or the home page to refer to them (not the file link, we like the traffic), thanks.

We are working on more scripts, please come back soon.

 Here they are!

wwwboard-rescue.txt - Attempts to create a new main message list html file from all the assorted html message files in a WWWBoard "messages" directory. May fix problems due to a corrupted main page. Perl Script

archive_maker_bb.txt - Create a "Archive" of all messages in a WWWBoard, sort by message number or list order, creates a txt file that can be viewed or ZIP'ed for download. Perl Script

wwwboard-to-mysql.txt - Create a MySql compatible output file from all the messages in a WWWBoard. Creates a "sql" "INSERT" command file that can be entered into a MySql database. Perl Script
redirect_moved.txt - This script will send out a proper error code to the caller's browser, and will then redirect the caller in one second to the URL you provide. If a search engine crawler comes around, this error will also be sent, and then the crawler knows your data has moved or is not there anymore. A crawler should then come by at a later date and crawl your site again, picking up the new information. Users of the search engine should then only be sent to your new location. Perl Script.

daylogger.txt - This script logs page hits and e-mails you EVERY DAY if you like, real nice feature. It will send a short message to your text pager if you want. If not take that code out. I put as many comments as I could in it, so it should be easy to modify. Perl Script.

get_web_test.txt - The start of bigger scripts, shows how to get a web page's source and prints it out. You could then look for certian keywords and do stuff with the data. Perl Script.

You can find updated "old" Matts Scripts at NMS , if you are having problems with a old script, try these.

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